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White Biotechnology

New Pharma Strategies

Genre: Diagnostics / Therapeutics
Length: 15 minutes
Keywords: White Biotech, Green Biotech, Red Biotech, Biocatalysis, Fermentation, Alternative Resources, Sustainability

White Biotechnology - New Strategies in Big Pharma

Industrial Biotechnology is made up by different sectors: red biotech (diagnostics, pharmaceuticals), green biotech (production of agents in plants) and white biotech (use of alternative resources, smaller plants with higher efficiency). White biotech becomes more and more attractive to pharmaceutical companies by delivering potential for new multi-product facilities instead of conventional petrochemical processes requiring high physical parameters such as temperature and pressure.

Prospective project managers dealing with white biotech processes face the current challenge between new pure-play white biotech procedures and conventional synthetic manufacturing.

This seminar reveals current strategies of global players for successfull implementation of biocatalysis and fermentation to achieve higher yield and more sustainability with new  innvations in biotech.

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