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Genre: Biomanufacturing / Project Management
Length: 10 minutes
Keywords: GMP, Quality Management, Biosimilars, Approval, Risk Management, Contract Manufacturing, Process Validation, Regulatory Affairs

Welcome to

This website represents a new platform for graduate students and postdocs from academic research who aspire access to pharmaceutical industry. For graduates it is often hard to get access to leading industrial jobs because specific experiences are missing. For this reason this website has been developed to deliver information on individual aspects of daily routine in working in leading positions in biotech industry.

This website offers seminars on demand for individual training your new industry job may deal with. Within individual seminars most relevant points are illustrated combined with suggestions and templates for successful implementation into own management strategies. To graduate students this means following: tailor your own business profile by attending these seminars to gain knowledge in aspects which are often required by job offerings from biotech companies. If special job offering requires knowledge in relevant topic, participate in corresponding Biotech Seminar on Demand and further profile your CV with certificate.

Your participation and completion will be acknowledged by your individual certificate displaying keywords of knowledge transfer by this seminar. By free registering at you are able to display your name on certificate which is available electronically dealing with content of this seminar on demand.

This website offers different relevant information on industrial biotech management. Question such as: how to develop a medical product under current regulatory affairs? How to manufacture drugs under GMP conditions? What are current strategies of leading pharmaceutical companies?
These questions will be answered by specific biotech seminars on demand (BSODs) provided on this website. Every seminar treats specific challenges leading employees in industry have to face and will be discussed with several solution strategies to have a good start in your new job in industry.

After ordering every online seminar is available to the customer with unlimited timeThere is no temporal restriction. After finishing individual training, customer has to contact in order to receive corresponding participation certificate which will be individually checked for completion.

There is high percentage of graduates who seek for jobs in biotech industry. Here it is importantto consider: the earlier contact to industry the better access will become. For leading R&D jobs or leading positions in biological production special experience is expected.

GMP and quality management aspects are often expected in job offerings, thus references for participation in biotech seminar on demand further characterize your profile. Here you will gain knowledge about current regulatory affairs that direct you during development and production of medical products. You will find basic information on working in biotech industry as well as advanced data from leading pharmaceutical companies and their business strategies for producing blockbuster drugs.

You can choose individual seminars your interest is focussed on. If you would like to receive total information of daily routine in leading biotech jobs you can choose complete seminar compilation with appropriate discount. And remember: every seminar will be acknowledged by certificatesindividually: so you can choose tools for characterisation of your own business profile for job application and collect information for your interview at biotech companies which expect knowledgein these fields.

Thank you very much and Enjoy biotech seminars on demand at

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