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Genre: Diagnostics / Therapeutics
Length: 4 hours 44 minutes
Keywords: Regulatory Affairs, GMP Manufacturing, Technical Documentation, Process Validation, Risk Management, Lean Management, Contract Manufacturing, Biosimilars, White Biotechnology


Leading biotech project managers in industry often have to face different problems and scenarios during development, production and approval of medical products such as diagnostics and therapeutics. This complete seminar on demand (BSoD) reveals whole value chain for biotech project management from international legal background to optimization strategies applied by leading pharmaceutical companies.

Participants of this full seminar benefit from insider information on daily routine in leading positions in biotech industry. Participation in this seminar (acknowledged by certificate) allows insights into most relevant aspects in biological productions which are often requested in job postings by hiring companies. Knowledge in these fields increases significance of applicant and adapts attractiveness to that of experienced competitors. Keywords treated in this full seminar possess high importance for hiring companies and head hunters.

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