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Drug Formulation

Fill & Finish - Case Study

Genre: Therapeutics
Length: 27 minutes
Keywords: GMP, Therapeutic Antibodies, Big Pharma, Solid and Liquid Formulations, Lyophilisation

Drug Formulation - Fill & Finish

The last step of drug manufacturing represents most difficult one. Especially in terms of recombinant proteins for therapeutic application formulation drastically depends on way of application (liquid or solid formulation). Here several physical properties of the therapeutic agent must be considered. Lyophilisation represents a popular formulation technique, but also requires highest investments in biological productions.

Prospective project managers dealing with fill and finish have to pay regard to individual properties of the agent before setting up an optimal formulation strategy. A long-term and easy-to-apply dosage form increases attractiveness of biotech products for therapy application.

This seminar deals with current strategies of formulation development. Here case studies for therapeutic agents from different leading companies will show that there is no perfect recipe for an optimal formulation.

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