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This website has been designed for graduate students who aspire access and good start in leading industrial pharma positions. Here you can find seminars treating most relevant aspects in biotech / biopharma project management.
Every seminar will be acknowledged by certificates individually which may serve beneficially for applications and interviews in pharmaceutical industry.

Introduction - How to use this website
IntroductionHow to use this website
Technical Documentation
Technical Documentation - for Medical Products
Technical Documentationfor Medical Products
Regulatory Affairs
Regulatory Affairs - for Medical Products
Regulatory Affairsfor Medical Products
GMP Audio Book
GMP Audio Book - EU GMP Guideline
GMP Audio BookEU GMP Guideline
GMP Manufacturing
GMP Manufacturing - International Guidelines
GMP ManufacturingInternational Guidelines
Process Validation
Process Validation - Creating robust processes
Process ValidationCreating robust processes
Drug Formulation
Drug Formulation - Fill & Finish - Case Study
Drug FormulationFill & Finish - Case Study
Full Seminar
Full Seminar - All Topics - high discount
Full SeminarAll Topics - high discount
Tasks of a GMP Development Manager for Biosimilars
Tasks of a GMP Development Manager for Biosimilars - Copy of Biological Drugs
Tasks of a GMP Development Manager for BiosimilarsCopy of Biological Drugs
Risk Management
Risk Management - for Medical Products
Risk Managementfor Medical Products
White Biotechnology
White Biotechnology - New Pharma Strategies
White BiotechnologyNew Pharma Strategies
Corona Vaccine Production
Corona Vaccine Production - GMP compliance
Corona Vaccine ProductionGMP compliance