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Seminar on demand

Lean Management

Big Pharma Business

Genre: Therapeutics
Length: 29 minutes
Keywords: Platform Strategies, Big Pharma, Business Models, Lean Biomanufacturing, Six Sigma, Quality Management

Development and production of diagnostic and therapeutic products demands for intensive investments. Thus time to market is an important goal to realise fast amortisation. The business model of lean management has found ist was into pharmaceutical production and has been implemented successfully by several global players on the biomedical market. Therefore lean management is highly attractive to companies which aspire accelerated market access of their medical products.

Prospective project managers dealing with lean management must be aware of defined thesis of this business model and possibilities to implement them into new and existing biotech production lines.

This seminar deals with definitions of platform concepts which have been successfully adopted by leading pharmaceutical companies. This compilation will help to create own business strategies in accordance to lean management principles.

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