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Tasks of a GMP Outsourcing Manager - Contract Manufacturing

Reduced Time to Market

Genre: Diagnostics / Therapeutics
Length: 28 minutes
Keywords: Business to Business, OEM, Biotech Plant Planning, GMP, USP, DSP

Contract Manufacturing - Reduced Time to Market

Outsourcing of biological production is attractive to small to medium sized companies as well as to global players. Small companies require expertises from specialised service providers (e.g. in GMP manufacturing) to reduce time to market. Big companies need relief in own occupied production facilities and switch to appropriate service providers delivering extended production capacity. Therefore a complete new market has emerged providing all stages of biotech manufacturing and bioanalysis.

Prospective project managers dealing with contract manufacturing (as OEM or CM) are in charge of reducing time to market drastically by choosing appropriate contract manufacturer. Due to high investments into R&D and production time to market represents most important factor in biological productions.

This seminar illustrates content of contracts for outsourcing and demonstrates assembly of new production sited for diagnostic / therapeutic agent manufacturing under consideration of contract manufacturing.

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